Prof. Dr. Vera G. Meister

Professor in Business Information Systems with focus on
Enterprise Applications and Knowledge Management

Head of research group


Wenxin Hu, M. Sc.

Business-oriented Computer Scientist

Researcher at Department of Economics at THB


Aleksandra Revina, M. Sc.


Researcher at Department of Economics at THB;
PhD student, in cooperation with TU Berlin


Mariia Rizun, M. A.


Researcher at UE Katowice;
Doctoral candidate


Marcel Cikus, B. Sc.

Business-oriented Computer Scientist

Co-founder of software development agency ConstLab;
Research assistant


Emre Arkan, B. Sc.

Computer Scientist

Researcher at project Diversity in Study and Teaching


Johannes Müller

Student of Business Information Systems

Student researcher


Jan-Ole Nielsen

Student of Applied Computer Science

Student researcher