Digital Module Catalog

Knowledge graph-based information system for module descriptions

Module catalogs are one of the most important documents about courses of study at universities. They meet the valid information needs of a wide range of internal and external stakeholders.

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Open semantic platform for video lectures

The video lectures produced in the university's own recording studio are made available to students in Moodle via thematically appropriate links.

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Seminar Papers

Semantic Wiki for research group

The achievements of research groups and their team spirit are based on common scientific interests and collective expertise in a field of research.

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Knowledge graph-based information system for study programs

Study guides promise support in the search for study programs. In order to offer such services, the universities must maintain the corresponding data in approximately 50 systems.

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Semantic IT service catalog

The university's IT services are provided by a large number of internal and external providers. Information about accesses, descriptions or support levels is distributed via various media.

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Intelligent cross-linking of data from a CMS-based university website

The university's CMS provides information on study programs, teachers and timetables. Further processing of this data is not planned.

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